Tuesday, June 28, 2011

listen to this: creeque alley / the mamas and the papas

"McGuinn and McGuire
couldn't get no higher
but that's what they were aiming at."

wish i could've eaten special brownies with these special people.

denny + john + michelle + cass FOREVER

read this: 10 facts about medical cannabis

all the pretty girls / fun.

in honor of the fun. music, i thought i'd post some fun medical cannabis facts, sourced from the marijuana & cannabis blog:

1. treats migraines
2. slows tumor growth
3. relieves symptoms of chronic disease
4. prevents Alzheimers
5. treats glaucoma
6. prevents seizures
7. helps those with ADD and ADHD
8. may treat Multiple Sclerosis
9. helps relieve PMS
10. helps calm those with Tourettes Syndrome and OCD

the folks at medicalinsurance.org have even made an awesome graphic to explain more: here.

*i don't understand: marijuana is illegal and yet....i can walk to any gas station and buy a pack of poision-filled cigarettes without a worry from anyone. there's something wrong here.

watch this: weeds / season 7

nancy's back!

weeds may have moved on from weed (except for señor doug's bong hits, thankfully), but the big guns they've pulled out for season 7 totally have me hooked.
this broken family has grown on me, but continues to make me happy i've never had children.

weeds on showtime, mondays at 10pm.

quick recap on the first six seasons:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

watch this: marijuana / kid cudi

shia labeouf on directing this video for cudi:
"It is for a 25-year-old male who has all these crazy fantasies about Amsterdam, which every male my age has, there's that college trip you always want to take...and to do that with Cudi when he's a judge, and I get to roll with him with my 8mm camera [like] an 'Easy Rider' documentarian, I felt like Cameron Crowe or something."

never forget:

let's blaze like no one's watching.

Monday, June 20, 2011

watch this: weeds / season 7 teaser

still in love with ms. botwin after all these years. is it possible silas has gotten even hotter since season 6? *fingers crossed*

june 27 get here now!

listen to this: weed party / band of horses

makes me want to ride into the sunset on a grand horse. right after this blunt.

look at this: alexander mcqueen / savage beauty

where: the metropolitan museum of art, new york city, ny
when: may 4 - august 7, 2011
why: nothing will blow your mind more than going to an art gallery/museum stoned + you'd never get to see these garments this close, okay? but you might want to plan a second trip since your memory might be a little fuzzy after the first.

oh, alexander--you're so missed!

via Alexander McQueen and the Met

look at this: stoner moments / the breakfast club

the movie that defined a generation didn't forget the most important part: the power of weed as a great unifier.

i give you:

a jock

a princess

a brain

a criminal (hey judd...how are you?)

and a basket case (allison does not approve).

all images copyright universal pictures

watch this: get some / lykke li

i'm not saying smoking a bowl before watching this would make it any better buuuuuuut.....

happy weed naps.

look at this: lady gaga by bart hess

trippy imagery makes my knees quiver with creative excitement.
let's be honest, have we ever seen cd booklet photos that look like this? thank you lady gaga for thinking outside the box and mass producing work by this creative genius.

sometimes when i'm high, i think about swimming in a pool of chessman cookies, or maybe butter brickle ice cream.....but now i think slime would be the most fun.

images copyright Bart Hess.

read this: @coolcannabis on twitter!

get your daily dose of reefer madness.

look at this: stoner moments / sex and the city

i love when weed culture pops up in mainstream entertainment unexpectedly--and i love to see my sex and the city gals get a little naughty!

carrie likes styx while she tokes.....personally i'm a kid cudi kind of guy.



all's well that ends with ice cream
or if you're a miranda:

these girls know how to party-- and their fabulous outfits class up the stoner stigma ever so slightly!

quick reference:
season 3, episode 15 hot child in the city
season 6 (part one), episode 7 the post-it always sticks twice
all images copyright hbo

eat this: ginger elizabeth's summer ice cream socials

the only thing better than a bowl of weed is a bowl of ice cream.

no--i'm not talking ben & jerry's (i can't even begin to talk about that love affair), i'm talking about ginger elizabeth in sacramento, ca. chocolate that will make you want to burn down every godiva and see's. parisian macarons that make you want to kiss a total stranger. but in the summer, on second saturday's, she makes ice cream. glorious, orgasm-inducing ice cream.

have i lost you? let me explain:

fromage blanc ice cream, local honey ice cream, thyme & butter roasted apricots, apricot jus, brioche bread pudding, chantilly cream.

this might help:

you need to go here: Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

next on the schedule: saturday, july 9, 2011 - rose ice cream, raspberry sorbet, crème bavarois, locally farmed raspberries, lychee tapioca pearls, parisian macaron pieces

happy screaming for ice cream

watch this: born this way / lady gaga

in the may 2011 issue of harper's bazaar, lady ganja gaga reveals the inspiration behind the video for the first single off her third album, born this way:
"A lot of weed."
enough said.

where am i and how do i get to G.O.A.T.?

eat this: sactomofo

it's undeniable that the best part about getting high is making and/or eating food.
enter the sactomofo, sacramento's first mobile food festival. held on april 30, 2011, this collection of over a dozen food trucks was quite impressive. while the wait time for each truck was less than desirable, there were ways to make it bearable: popsicles, pirate's booty, sweet corn cake and friends.

Fat Face Popsicles - thai sweet potato

plum basil green tea

avocado cucumber

lumpia shanghai and sisig tacos

for more information:

happy food coma(s).

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