Monday, June 20, 2011

eat this: ginger elizabeth's summer ice cream socials

the only thing better than a bowl of weed is a bowl of ice cream.

no--i'm not talking ben & jerry's (i can't even begin to talk about that love affair), i'm talking about ginger elizabeth in sacramento, ca. chocolate that will make you want to burn down every godiva and see's. parisian macarons that make you want to kiss a total stranger. but in the summer, on second saturday's, she makes ice cream. glorious, orgasm-inducing ice cream.

have i lost you? let me explain:

fromage blanc ice cream, local honey ice cream, thyme & butter roasted apricots, apricot jus, brioche bread pudding, chantilly cream.

this might help:

you need to go here: Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

next on the schedule: saturday, july 9, 2011 - rose ice cream, raspberry sorbet, crème bavarois, locally farmed raspberries, lychee tapioca pearls, parisian macaron pieces

happy screaming for ice cream

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