Saturday, April 7, 2012

look at this: the beauty in adrian valencia's world

talent crush alert!

please view the below images and tell me you don't want to be whisked away into the effortlessly glamorous world of adrian valencia.

from harper's bazaar april 2011: "And her inspiration for the video's out-of-this-world surrealism? 'A lot of weed.'"

jay-z hasn't been shy about his cannabis use....if she'd try it with anyone i think it'd be him!

up in the clouds we'll be havin a good time. eh eh - so happy i could die.

oh, adrian valencia, to see the world through your eyes!
let's be heavy metal lovers -- look how cute!
if i could pick one fabulous lady to be done in adrian's style it'd HAVE to be Nancy Botwin -- of course!
all images via draw adrian, draw! + tumblr

watch this: trailer for drew goddard's "the cabin in the woods"

it's another one of those movies...
....OR IS IT? 
i'm a huge fan of horror films + i love when directors/writers get really creative. 
hopefully this won't let me down. 
the cabin in the woods comes out april 13, 2012.
oh, and the cannabis? skip to the 0:20 mark
.....something makes me think the dumb stoner gets killed in this one. 
i could be wrong though. 
source: playtrailers

watch this: trailer for oliver stone's "savages"

i love movies about the dark and dirty drug trade (blow and traffic to name a couple that i own). 
mostly because it makes me thankful for my dealer & the fact that i never have to deal with these people. 
savages hits theaters july 6, 2012.
skip to the :30 mark for the 2 frames that made me post this.

source: mytrailerisrich

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