Thursday, March 15, 2012

look at this: stoner moments / sex and the city ii

you're gonna do what?

what does that look mean?



oh charlotte, my dear.
you're so cute when you get manipulated and stoned.

quick reference:
season 2, episode 10 the caste system
all images copyright hbo

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

read this: 420 page views!

in the spirit of this blog, it is absolutely necessary to obsess over all things 420.
so you can imagine my excitement when i glanced at the stat counter and realized i had hit that magical number!

continue reading, toking, and tweeting! i'm pretty sure if we stop tweeting the world ends.

look at this: harold & kumar movie posters revisited

you know you love this harrowing tale of two men on the greatest quest of all: to find the perfect food. would i call them personal heroes? yes.

 via @nickmullis

eat this: haute munchies by steven meisel


twix bars, skittles and oreo's -- oh my!
this editorial shot by steven meisel for italian vogue definitely made me hungry.
i love you coco & jessica, but i don't think i can pull off a snickers behind my ear (even though it's super convenient for quick snacking).

photographs: steven meisel
styling: lori goldstein
hair: pat mcgrath
makeup: jimmy paul

Saturday, March 10, 2012

watch this: little talks / of monsters and men

gold lips + feathered eye makeup.
rainbow-feather buffalo.
giant sea + air creatures.
all this without taking a hit!
but again -- another good one to pre-smoke for.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

listen to this: blue ridge mountains / fleet foxes

so many long nights toking in my cabriolet...
losing track of time. 
 thinking back to those times
 ....yup i'm high again.

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