Tuesday, June 28, 2011

read this: 10 facts about medical cannabis

all the pretty girls / fun.

in honor of the fun. music, i thought i'd post some fun medical cannabis facts, sourced from the marijuana & cannabis blog:

1. treats migraines
2. slows tumor growth
3. relieves symptoms of chronic disease
4. prevents Alzheimers
5. treats glaucoma
6. prevents seizures
7. helps those with ADD and ADHD
8. may treat Multiple Sclerosis
9. helps relieve PMS
10. helps calm those with Tourettes Syndrome and OCD

the folks at medicalinsurance.org have even made an awesome graphic to explain more: here.

*i don't understand: marijuana is illegal and yet....i can walk to any gas station and buy a pack of poision-filled cigarettes without a worry from anyone. there's something wrong here.

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