Sunday, July 17, 2011

look at this: stoner moments / new york city

a two-week hiatus can only mean one thing: someone went out of town!

and yes, yes i did.

to the city that never sleeps but "...sure does take a lot of weed naps". the sights and sounds were incredible but only slightly outdone by the glorious food we were fortunate enough to partake of.

here's a quick rundown on the 5 day trip that left me wanting more:

cheerful scribbles in Chinatown. (instantly thought of the FLO song)

standard feeling while smoking-- just let me be in my own little world!

yeah...these cupcakes are the size of volleyballs. #stoned much?


magnolia bakery!

new piece purchased at blue nile on bleecker in the west village.

spotted at the MoMA.

so happy to run into ms. botwin on the subway!

strawberry fields for-fuckin-ever.

imagine this peace sign being outlined with pot leaves?'s happened before according to the mayor of strawberry fields:

real white castle! open 24 hours! *mind explosion*

cool pipes, native americans.

more cool pipes.

the pipes were obviously all i cared about at this museum (of natural history).

carnegie deli! pastrami-- no sauce required.

this sums up how i felt about this city. can't wait to go back!

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